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Stomach drop

Today is the day that we go public with our news to our extended friend circles. Our families have known for months, our kids knew before that, but we've kept a pretty tight lid on the news past those folks.

This morning, I spoke with my boss and in about an hour C is speaking with the CEO at his office. When that is done, this will be a public and open conversation...and the butterflies are swarming!

As happenstance, I also had my quarterly appointment with my oncologist today. After 8 years, I am going to finally have my port removed (hopefully before the end of the year) and stop my injections of bone-strengthening medicine. The doctor was happy to hear that we have such wonderful plans in place, and believes that I will be fine to take on Spanish life with gusto. I have one final appointment scheduled with her in May, and I will stay on my hormone therapy for many moons. She is going to also reach out to a few of her contacts to see if they have recommendations for doctors in Valencia.

To be honest, I think that it's this that has my heart swimming laps in my stomach. My doctor has been asking me to have my port removed for at least a year--maybe closer to 2--however, my port has been my security blanket. I finally decided that since we're flying without a net across the Atlantic, I might as well truly soar.

enjoy the ride keychain


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