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This past weekend, we officially moved out of our house/home. While closing doesn't happen for 11 days, we are having our Estate Sale this week and the hardwood floors touched-up next week; with all the upheaval, plus the fact that we are selling our beds and our bedroom furniture, it was impossible to live at the house any longer.

We are very fortunate that my parents have plenty of space in their home to accommodate all of us, including the pups, until we are ready to leave in July. This transition is going to give us a chance to get accustomed to walking Maizey and Blue, rather than just opening the door and letting them run in the fenced yard. The pups will, in turn, learn how to walk on their leashes without pulling us off our feet. Being in my parent's home, also allows us the opportunity to live in a significantly smaller footprint. The overall house is much bigger than our old home, but our bedroom and the bathroom are more in-line with what we will likely experience in our flat in Spain.

This past Saturday, I noticed how exhausted I am--the kind that goes beyond closing my eyes for a few hours, but is seeped into my bones. For the past 16 weeks, I have filled my days with activities for prepping the house, staging the house, sorting through what stays/goes, studying, and packing. I am physically and emotionally spent.

I figure I'll be able to relax after the official closing on the house and the sale of our stuff. Without a doubt, it will be emotional. However, I am so excited to be untethered to Atlanta and one step closer to Valencia.

I think I'm going to grab a manicure though--these hands have earned it.


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