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Updated: Jun 28, 2018

We have to leave for the airport before the crack of dawn on Friday, and when I say we, I mean C, #1, and me.

While I fly to Spain, #1 is headed to Miami for his first preparation weekend of his IDF enlistment program. I haven't discussed much about the program that #1 is doing (and I won't). However as a Mom, it is bittersweet that he is embarking on this time in his life. I remember that cusp of adulthood and the promise it held. I am so proud of and excited for #1, but it is a weird feeling to know that I am launching him into the world.

Look, I am from a probably-too-close family that doesn't do boundaries most of the time. I realize that he is not "on his own" and that I will always be his Mom, and he knows that C and I will be there for him all the days of our lives. But, my intention and expectation is that we are a safety net rather than a scaffold: we are there if he falls, not to make sure that he doesn't.

So off we go on our respective adventures!

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

~Helen Keller


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