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Creating a life

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

The last few days have been chock full of things outside of my Spanish classes. Yesterday was a trip to one of the schools that we are considering for the boys. Today was meeting up and coworking with a bunch of other expat/digital nomads, and tomorrow is a meeting for female expat entrepreneurs.

While I'm not ready to discuss our business idea, I have been sourcing materials and seeing if the idea is viable. It's a very different beast when you speak the language nominally and need Google Translate to do the heavy lifting for you.

I've met some really fun and interesting people over my last 3.5 weeks here. I know that I will not be going to the Wednesday meet up next week, so I said my goodbyes until July, and I was genuinely sad to know that some of these folks will have moved on to other locations by the time I get back.

The digital nomad community is interesting. I've met folks from places I've never even heard of and people who left places years ago. I spent most of the evening speaking with a woman who moved to Valencia with her husband from Bali, but before that India, and before that Spain via England. I seem to be a novelty; not because I am from the US, but because it is my (our) first venture into the expat world and I am not a, um, spring chicken.

In my conversation class today, we were discussing advice and the words that you use when offering advice. One of our exercises was to write down an area of our lives where we needed advice and then each of the students in the class would offer a suggestion. My question: "Nos mudaremos a Valencia en julio, y yo no conozco nadie. Cómo yo encuentro con nuevos amigos?" (We will move to Valencia in July, and I don't know anyone. How do I meet new friends?).

I haven't had a chance to ask my question, but I think I already have my answer.


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