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That's a wrap

Every day C asks me if I think that Valencia continues to be the right choice for our family.

After 24+ years, I know that this is not so much a need for reassurance as it is a confirmation...does that make any sense? Neither of us tends to be wishy-washy; we make decisions, take action, and course correct as appropriate. His question is less about the choice to move and more about any course corrections we should make along the way.

After having been in Valencia for 4 weeks, I'm happy to say that the longer I am here, the more I am convinced that this is absolutely the right decision for our family. I love this city, and she isn't even showing me her best right now. With only about 44 rainy days a year, I've seen 6 of them over the past 10 days. However, I have fallen hard and fast for this old gal; she is worn and weary in spots, with a lot of life and energy in others (kind like me, I suppose).

I finished classes today and I am so pleased with where I ended up--either on-level or above-level on all the profiled sections of the course. This bodes well for the DELE A2 exam, which I will schedule when I return to Atlanta. As for tonight, I am packing up since I move to the Airbnb in the City Center tomorrow afternoon. My Mom should be here by mid-day, and I'm so looking forward to showing her this city that has won my heart.

Look, I know that some of you think we are nuts, and that is perfectly okay; our dream is clearly not your dream. However, whatever you do want for yourself, I hope that you are figuring out how to make it your reality.


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