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Speed bumps

This morning, I am disappointed, frustrated, and all around annoyed by how things are going this week.

Obviously, Monday started with a surprise. And then yesterday, C was informed that there may be an issue with taxes which we weren't prepared for.

We were aware that we will likely have to pay some taxes in Spain. However, we weren't prepared to hear that moving may open up C's company to Spanish tax liability, which would kill the deal on the firm's side. There are work arounds, to be sure, but given the nature of the company and that there is a remote work policy in place, it's surprising that this hasn't been addressed before now.

There are people way smarter about international tax laws, regulations, and implications that are at work on this issue, but it was another hit in an already meh week.

I'm not naive enough to think that there wont be obstacles that we will deal with, and I am plenty old enough to realize that we should have to face these tests to measure our level of commitment to our plan. However, it doesn't change the fact that when these things pop up, I don't turn cartwheels and thank Gd for the opportunities they provide.

As I sat down to write this morning, I remembered a blog post that I'd read a while ago about speed bumps. The main focus of the post was reviewing why speed bumps are used and if they are effective.

Occasionally I will bring #3 to school rather than have him take the bus. The road leading up to the school is long, narrow, and only used to get to the school; there are also 7 rather high speed bumps along this road.

From a purely functional role, those speed bumps slow us down for our own and our children's safety.

But, because of those effective 7 annoying bumps:

I plan better since I cannot leave my house 6 minutes before the tardy bell;

I focus more as there's no putting mascara on in the rear view;

and, I know that those bumps protect everyone from potential tragedies down the road, literally and figuratively.

So, I'll take the morning to be annoyed by the bumps that appeared in our path this week. And by this afternoon, I'll refocus myself and remember that the bumps are effective and there to protect us all.

speed bumps along the access road


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