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Smoke & mirrors

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Last week I posted about my powder room including a picture taken as the wallpaper was coming down, and now it is Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground, which is a very pretty, tan with light brown undertones.

I also posted pictures of my cleared bookshelves on IG but here they are staged:

It looks great, right?!?!

I wish I could say that the house really looks as good as these pictures make it appear, but it doesn't. We have things out of every cabinet and drawer on the main floor including the pantry, kitchen cabinets and drawers, and the built-ins in the den. When I say that we have stuff strewn every where, I am not exaggerating. Clearing things out of these spaces makes reviewing each thing we own easier; and since the kitchen cabinets are being refinished, it is necessary to have them empty.

In the month that I've been blogging, I've learned that lifestyle photography is all about creative cropping.

For example here is my sunroom from 2 different angles:

And, here are a few of the dining room, den, and office in all their cluttered glory:

Hopefully we will get the house back in some order this weekend, depending upon what the cabinet folks say. I do realize that this is only temporary, and that it is part and parcel of getting work done, but it's driving me a little batty.

That being said, I can't wait to show y'all what it looks like when it's done--maybe even with panoramic photos!


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