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I love quotes; they can be uplifting, comforting, aspirational, cautionary. I used to keep journals that I would fill with quotes, though that has been replaced by Pinterest boards as of late (maybe that’s another good practice to bring back in 2018). A good quote has a timeless universality that resonates in my bones.

This week started out fairly crummy:

On Tuesday, my (now ex-) boss found my blog and didn’t like something that I posted so I was relieved of my duties a few weeks earlier than I anticipated. That happened before 7:15am.

#1 child was struggling through a mandatory-for-graduation class with a just under passing 68.5%. If he didn’t nail his final, he would have to do summer school which would also push back when he can leave for Israel.

#3 child was blindsided by an administrative snafu which left him crushed about an unexpected second semester problem. And he had busted his butt for weeks making sure that things were lined up perfectly for his second semester to happen.

And somehow by last night, it had all been sorted.

#1 killed his Brit Lit final and ended the semester with a passing grade. The issue for #3 was overridden by the school board in his favor, so full steam ahead for second semester.

As me, I’ve been awarded a significant contract consulting for a company that fits my personal ethos and professional interests.

I leave you for the weekend with a quote that has been a favorite since I heard it in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel a half-dozen years ago, and one that has been swimming around my head these past days.


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