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Quick & dirty update

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Don't have too much time for a long post today, but I did want to update that I found out where I'll be staying in Valencia when I go.

The area isn't where C and I hope to settle with the boys, but it is a 25 minute metro ride or 40 minute walk to the school, and not too far from the beach. I am looking forward to learning my way around Valencia's public transportation network, both the metro and the buses, and this will provide a great chance to do that.

I've figured out how to get to where I'm staying from the airport thanks to Rome2Rio (such an unbelievably useful app), and it's a direct shot on a single line of the metro. No need for a cab!

I also found out that I'll have access to laundry facilities in the flat. So, YAY, I wont have to decide between dirty clothes or a huge suitcase.

It's hard to fully grasp that I am only 8 days out from my trip; I can't wait!


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