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Make this place your home

Today we hit two big milestones in the process of getting ourselves over to Spain: we had photographs taken of our home for the real estate listing and the lockbox was put on the door.

I'm so pleased with how everything turned out in the house and I think we will be under contract quickly (fingers crossed). It's always hard to gauge things when you're close to the source, so I asked the photographer how he thought the house looked. To my delight he said that the house was photographing well and we should be pleased with the portfolio that he will assemble.

I think I've mentioned several times, and if I haven't I will now, I love my house. We've only been here for 4 years, and if we weren't moving overseas, I wouldn't be moving from this house. I love our location. I love the size. I love the layout. I love the feel and functionality.

One of my favorite features of the house is the backyard. We've got a beautiful saltwater pool with a spa/waterfall that sits in the middle of our fully-wooded property, so it gives the sense that the backyard is a secluded hideaway. I really do feel like I am a million miles away from everything when the trees are full of leaves and I am floating my cares away.

The real estate market here is a little crazy right now because there isn't a lot of inventory, and our friends are finding things under contract within days of hitting the market. I am holding thumbs that we might be so lucky. And I will miss our house and the memories we've made here.

I look forward to getting pictures from the photographer tomorrow, but for now I've got one that I snapped the other afternoon. Just looking at it makes me breathe deep and smile.


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