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Más o menos

I found out, pretty soon after I got here, that I had missed the registration deadline for the February DELE 2A exam. I was mad--mostly at myself--for not checking and assuming that I'd be able to sign-up once I got to classes. A few days of back-and-forth emails and the testing organization confirmed that I would not be able to take the exam on February 9th. Which is both good, and bad.

I got my results from the practice exam today, and I passed on the 3 parts that were returned (the oral conversation was not returned to us). I would have like to have scored higher, but quite frankly, my immediate concern is just completing the citizenship requirement and passing the test. Once we live here, I can worry about mastery--or not.

The bad news in all this is that my ear is currently as trained as it's going to be (at least until we move) in listening to Spanish. I am very worried that when I get home and am not surrounded by the sights and sounds of Spain that I will begin to lose ground with my listening and speaking skills.

I just looked up dates, and the next available testing date is set for April. The DELE is not offered in Atlanta, and the closest exam center is Miami. Unfortunately, Miami isn't offering the test in April, but Chicago is. I'll have to discuss with C when I get home, and check into airfare, but this is likely the test that I will take.

In the meantime, I'm going to focus on my writing and speaking skills. I think that I'll download a few Spanish podcasts to listen to, and get cracking on this weekend's homework.


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