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Just do it

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

With all the upheaval in the house right now, it felt good to knock a few things off my checklists this weekend.

The cabinets are coming along, and we were able to reload them this weekend. The drawers and doors are still being painted, but the food is back in the pantry (after we cleared out way too much expired food), and the pots, pans, and dishes have been returned to their places. We also selected a color for the hardwood stain, and I think it will look gorgeous with all the other color choices we've made.

After my dismissal a few weeks ago, I accepted a large consulting gig for a lifestyle company that is creating a new sales channel. I agreed to do the work because I love the products, philosophy, people, and there is a huge opportunity for growing my contract to something bigger.

But after 5 1/2 years in my last role, I forgot something rather key when starting a new job: learning curve and ramping up. Before, I had my routine, my deadlines, and also a strong sense of how long it took to get things accomplished. This new consulting gig is in an entirely different field, doing different work, and I don't really have my footing on how long each component takes because I'm also learning the business structure, products, social media policies, etc.

For the largest part of the project, my personal deadline is tonight at 10pm. I've most of the work, but now I need to go back through and proof it all. I've also completed 1 addendum, but the second still needs to be written. The entire project is due on Friday, but I'd love to have it done by Wednesday night just so that I can focus on other things on Thursday.

After the work that I put in the last few days, I feel confident that I am on the right track and will make my self-imposed deadlines.

Back in November, I posted my want-to-do-in-Atlanta-before-we-move list, but I am finding it more challenging to work-in those activities than I expected. I just haven't made doing any of these things a priority, and the whole list fell off my radar screen.

Fortunately, one of my friends put out an all-call for our little "Vegan Ladies that Brunch" group and we wound up going to Cafe Sunflower in Buckhead for brunch yesterday. Not only was the company wonderful, the food delicious, and the conversation fun, I got to cross off one of my to-dos.

Thank you, Meghan, for coordinating; the company was so good for my soul and the mental checkmark was good for my mind.


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