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Good buy & goodbye

Saying goodbye can be challenging for me, especially when I know that it is a final goodbye. I will not gloss over the fact that--though very much part of the plan--it was exceptionally difficult watching a large majority of our things sell for pennies on the dollar to complete strangers. I am grateful that we hired Ruth's Reselling to do the heavy lifting of the sale for our family (if you are in the Atlanta-metro area and need a great company to help you with a sale, please contact Ruth--she really did a great job!).

Ruth and her team sorted, categorized, displayed, and sold a good 90% of the things that we left at the house over the 3-day Estate Sale. Ruth also works with a charity organization that came and picked-up the bulk of the unsold items with proceeds going to a women's and children's charity. The last few items, including the contents of the refrigerator and pantry, were removed by a gentleman that we've used to haul away junk before.

By Sunday at 1:00, the house-that-was-home stood completely empty.

I went by the house yesterday to let in the floor refinishers. Prior to listing the house, we had it cleaned and the cleaners used a product which damaged the newly refinished floors. As a matter of integrity, C and I are having the floors buffed and a few more coats of poly put down. Those should be completed today, and then they need to dry for 36 hours.

A different home cleaner will come by on Thursday to do a move-out cleaning and the new owners will take possession on Friday by mid-day.

I don't think that there is anything that I could say that would explain both the excitement and "WTF" thoughts that are flowing through our heads right now.

Holy crap, we are really doing this!


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