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Calendaring as an art

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I'm swimming in a ton of actions right now for so many projects: the sale of the house, getting our visas, getting #1 organized for his Israeli army service, and planning our physical move.

We are done with the due diligence phase of the house sale, and now we are cruising into closing. Our agent calls this being "in the tunnel," and boy do I have tunnel vision these days. We rented a storage unit several weeks back and have been packing boxes and moving the the keep items into the storage unit a bit at a time.

I've started and stopped a few blog posts so I'm not sure what I've published and what I've drafted but tossed. So, here is how the next few weeks and months are planned:

Week of April 2nd, all boys on Spring Break.

Week of April 9th, move out of house and in with family.

Week of April 16th, prepare for and have Estate Sale.

Week of April 23rd, clear out remainder of house and close; #1 leaves for his 3rd IDF preparation weekend.

Week of April 30th, trial visa filing.

Week of May 7th, #1's graduation.

Week of May 14th, #2 finishes school for the year.

Week of May 28th, #3 finishes school for the year.

Week of June 4th, #1 leaves for 4th and final IDF preparation weekend.

Week of June 11th, #1 leaves for Israel trip and language immersion program.

Week of July 2nd, expected move to Valencia; stay in short-term rental (4-12 weeks) and bring only summer clothes

Sept-Oct, move to long-term rental (2 years'ish); move "Keep and Ship" boxes to make things feel like home (includes winter clothes, cookbooks, miscellaneous decor).

While we are staying with family, we will be helping them downsize and prepare for a big move as well. This is should be a fun and emotional time for our family--a time to create some wonderful memories with our sons and my parents. We will also be able to share the lessons we've learned about letting go of stuff.

Sometime in the next 6-12 weeks, we will have to head to Miami at least twice to file our visa paperwork and pick up our visas when they are ready. I may go to Miami by myself for a trial filing; if that is the case, I'll make a down-and-back trip so that we can make sure that all the paperwork that I've gathered is sufficient for our visas, and get any kinks worked out before all of us head down to the Spanish Consulate.

During the last few weeks, I've added a Pinterest account for Spanglish Y'all. If you're a Pinner, please follow all or some of my boards; I'm pinning all kinds of info on Valencia, Spanish language, traveling in Spain, small space decorating, urban container gardening, and anything else that I think I'll want to track for our lives in Spain.

And finally, in order to keep everyone in the loop, I'm going to start using the calendar on the site much more. You'll find things related to our visa applications, move, and travels listed on the calendar. I will be putting up as much as I can, but because this is a public site and I have to be safe, there will be things that I'll tell you about in retrospect.

In the interim, if you need me, feel free to contact me at


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