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Buckle up

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

We've finally gotten all the quotes for the work that we are having done on the house and our contractors are falling into place. The only thing is, that their schedules are sooner than I was expecting, so the entire Winter Break that I thought I had to prepare and sort has turned into 4 days.

We've already had our first contractor out to do some work, and they're returning tomorrow for a secondary project. The drywall repair and paint crew said that they could begin on Saturday, but I begged that they allow me until Tuesday so that I can have the weekend to get the boys' rooms and the master sorted. I'll have to finish the den and the kitchen within a few days too, but at least I can get the painters started in the bedrooms and den.

The following week, a different painter comes to transform our 1978 blah brown, oak kitchen cabinets into creamy white, solid wood kitchen storage. We will also add some trim and make the kitchen a bright and inviting space. It's the only room in the house that hasn't had significant work done, and the paint should be a nice facelift for the old gal.

The wood floors will still be the last thing that we refinish, and I need to schedule that after I confirm when our petsitter is available to take the dogs since they will be staying with her. C and sons #2 & #3 will be staying with my parents or at a hotel since it is a dusty, smelly process.

For me, what is most exciting is that I will see the majority of the work done before I step onto the gangway on January 12th. The powder room vanity, new toilet for the Jack and Jack bathroom and the hardwood floor refinishing will be all that is left of the heavy lifting on the inside of the house.

There is quite a bit of landscape work that will get done while I am gone too, but that will still look rather dull and lifeless when I return in mid-February. Atlanta color begins to pop at the beginning of March, and I hope that some of the beautiful trees we have on the property will be in bloom by pictures. If not, we will either use old photos or have the photographer come back once the weather turns a bit warmer.

Because our timeline has condensed, I've been looking at paint colors ad nauseam comparing whites and light tans for kitchen cabinets and walls. I'm pretty color fatigued and can barely tell the subtle differences any longer. Fortunately, I put the winners into the Five Year Rule and the color picks became clear pretty quickly.

color swatches for cabinet and wall colors

Can't wait to show you the before and after pictures, but for today I'll share the finalists for the kitchen walls (the 2 colors on the right) and cabinets.


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