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Amarillo y rojo

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas doing whatever it is that you do to celebrate. Since we do not observe Christmas as a holiday, we typically eat Chinese food and see movies. Instead, this year we made soup and bread, and kept on clearing out the house.

Before we moved to this house, we had a yellow and red kitchen. I loved the happy, sunny colors even if they weren’t everyone’s cup of tea. When we were looking for a house in our current neighborhood, I took it as a sign that the powder room on the main floor of this house was yellow and red. Aside from all the other amazing things I loved, it was this little coincidence that had me say “Yep, this is the one.”

Looking at our house with fresh eyes as we are getting ready to list it, it became evident that this powder room needed a reno: the wallpaper was starting to lift, the vanity was chipped, the sink was avocado green cultured marble in the shape of a shell.

The past few days we removed the pictures, the mirror, and the chest of drawers. C and #1 removed the worn vanity and sink this morning. And now the painters are removing the yellow and red wallpaper.

I am sure that the room will look fantastic when it’s done. However, it doesn’t feel like home any more.


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