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Almost missed connections

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Saturday was a relaxed day. I had been out the night before and wasn't interested in doing much, but C called and asked me to checkout a new-to-me part of town. Just like the other day when I went to the beisbol field, I didn't have any reason to say "No", so I put on my comfy shoes, and headed out to Mont Olivet.

While I was out, I decided to make a large loop and stop by the Carrefour (closest thing to Target that I've found here), for a few grocery items I've only found there and then head back to the apartment.

When I left the Carrefour, it had already gotten dark, and I was anxious to make my dinner and climb into bed. However, the store is on the south side of Turia, so I had to cross Pont L'Assut de l'Or to get back to where I am staying. I was doing that head-down-plow-thru-to-get-home thing, but for some reason I picked my head up and was stunned by the beauty before me. I had been down to Arts & Sciences but not at night, and it was astonishing how beautifully and completely darkness transforms the area.

Any way, I grabbed a few photos without even bothering to look at them. When I got back, I put away my groceries (those get heavy after a mile walk), heated some of the leftover coconut lentil curry, and climbed into bed.

On Sunday afternoon, C called to ask if I had any new pictures to send him and this was in my camera. There were several that came out great, and I'd like to think that it may have been my heart listening for all those things that my eyes couldn't see.

I guess the lesson today is to keep my eyes up--there is so much that I'm missing when I look at my feet.


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