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Chronicling our experiences as we move to Valencia, Spanglish Y'all is an expat blog written to inspire everyone that wishes to live as an expat. 


On our blog, we will share the process, emotions, and logistics of moving from Atlanta, GA and the discovery of the sights, people, language, and food in our new home city.


If our family can do it, so can you!

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Two brothers living the dream island hopping. One by air and one by sea. @closede @ericclose

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🇪🇸 living in Spain
🌎 creating adventures for my family
💻blogging to help like-minded families
📍23 countries and counting
📋bucket list obsessed

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Just a #family of 7 #traveling the world one dirty diaper at a time 😉 


Big Burton 

Bon Voyage

Follow the Burtons as we move our family of 9 from Austin, Texas to Valencia, Spain!

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